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provide with中文的意思,翻譯及用法:供給。英漢詞典提供【provide with】的詳盡中文翻譯,用法,例句等 片語 provide enterprises with credits 向企業提供貸款 They Provide Us With 它給我們提供 provide sb with sth為某人提供某物 Provide you with cigarettes 提供給你香煙
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provide somebody with something In the first, the material provided is the object, in the second the recipient is the object. Both are valid, and both are in common use. The difference between them is the with phrase, which must be there to get meaning 2: if there
provide sth. for sb.中的for 可以換成to嗎?_百度知道
provide,supply 和 offer用法 比較,一起來看看他們的異同。 provide與supply 兩者均可表示「提供」,常可作同義詞使用,兩者在句型搭配方面有很大的相似性,所以放在一起講述。 表示「為某人提供某物」,兩者的主要句型如下

provide sb with sth 和 provide sb sth 都對嗎_百度知道

都是可 2113 以的,但 加with 的用 的多 5261 些。 provide 這個 詞在 4102 《朗文當 代高 級英語 1653 辭典》(1998)中是 專 這樣解釋的。provide: [provide+obj+with] to cause or arrange for (someone) to have or use (something needed or useful); supply. 其提 供的 屬 例句為:These letters should provide us with all the information we need.
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22/4/2011 · In addition to provide for someone, provide for something is also used to mean: 1. to take care of a need eg The shape of the tank is designed to provide for water circulation. 2. to allow something eg. The permit will provide for a 30-day hunt beginning in late
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provide既是及物動詞(供給,供養,預約)也是不及物動詞(預防防范)。沒有provide with,只有provide for 為提供 offer提供,提議,出價(表示有意愿為別人提供) afford提供,買得起,給予,經受得住(表示具有一定的支付能力或經受得了某種打擊) 一,provide作\”提供;供給\”講時,常用于以下結構
provide supply offer-provide與give的用法|supply的用法|offer和provide的區別|supply to 還是for|provide與offer的用法
provide to us VS provide us with
19/2/2013 · I didn’t think of this third possibility, very close to the french “nous fourni”. I prefer this one over “provide to us”. Last edited by a moderator: Feb 19, 2013 e2efour Senior Member England (aged 78) UK English Feb 19, 2013 #5 I have never heard provide us us For

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等, 其常見用法如下: provide后面接賓語, 賓語可由名詞或 代詞充當。e. g. The school will provide tents, but we must bring our own food. 學校會提供帳篷,但我們必須自己帶 食物。
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offer 用法-provide 用法,offer的用法與provide,offer和provide的用法,offer的用法和搭配,offer to do sth